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The Middy – an animated film about The Mid-Suffolk Light Railway

March 23, 2013

The Middy is an eight minute animated film, funded by The Heritage Lottery Fund, about The Mid-Suffolk Light Railway which closed 26th July 1952. Copies of the film are available for sale at the Laxfield and District Museum.

Many of the voice-overs used in the film were recorded by people who worked on the railway or had some connection during the days when it was a working life line to the areas of villages between Haughley and Laxfield, and during earlier years even went as far as Cratfield.

Ernie Plant

Ernie Plant during the 1940’s

Artwork for the film was provided by children from local schools and the reference of images were taken from existing photographs in the Museum at Laxfield and at Brockford.

J15 65388 with four employees

J15 65388 with four employees

Towards the end of the railway the traffic was very occassional, losing the company a lot of money. Some goods traffic kept some of the staff busy some of the time.

Laxfield station

Laxfield station

The Heritage Lottery Fund

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